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Well, that was ridiculous

This week took a while, but I made it through. It helped that I had money today, and that there were blueberry muffins at work for some reason. There was apparently a potluck meeting somewhere as well, but I wasn't able to find that one. Work was mostly fine today, except for a last minute emergency assignment that made the final hour kinda suck.

After work, my bad movie buddy and I met up with BlackDotBug and we went to Toshi for dinner. I have been wanting to get her to try this place for almost as long as I've known her, and I finally succeeded. In her defense, there aren't really a lot of good reasons to be in Beaverton or Hillsboro. We each had a different flavor of ramen, and I spoiled myself with a fatty tuna roll. I always leave that place feeling incredibly happy no matter what I order.

After fortifying ourselves with hot soup, we were ready to brave Justice League. My expectations were about as low as they possibly could have been, considering how hard Snyder has worked to run the franchise into the ground. Amazingly, all three of us ended up having a good time. I mean, it's definitely not a good movie, but it's a fun one. Wonder Woman was by far the best part of it, of course. It was also fun trying to figure out which bits were added by Joss Whedon, too. The plot is inconsequential. Some alien invader wants to steal three Maguffins so he can destroy the world. Nobody cares. This is a movie you watch just to see some comic book ridiculousness.

After the movie, BlackDotBug was feeling like she needed some company this weekend, so I grabbed a go bag and headed back with her. We discovered after getting settled that Marvels's new Punisher series hit Netflix today! We watched the first two episodes. So far, I'm really digging it. Very violent, of course, but Frank Castle is a fascinating character. I'm sure I will binge the rest of it by the end of the weekend.

damn it, Al

Sexual abuse allegations are popping up with a frequency that's almost as exhausting as Lord DampNut's presidency. It's incredibly upsetting but probably necessary. I'm not sure why Harvey Weinstein was the one that broke the damn, but things really seem to be snowballing now. The big one from today was about Al Franken. That was a pretty big blow, as he has always been someone I admired, but I did find his reaction to be a marked change from how most abusers have been reacting. He immediately admitted to his guilt, issued an unequivocal apology to the person he wronged, and urged an ethics committee to investigate him, promising to cooperate and accept whatever consequences are deemed appropiate, even if it means resigning. That was all within a few hours of the news breaking. Now his accuser has accepted his apology and said that she does not want him to resign. Quite a chance from how these things have been playing out.

I'm a mildly mad at the internet today for not making me aware that season three of The Librarians has been added to Hulu! I just feel like this is something that should have come up on my Twitter by now. I love that show, and I find it to be incredibly comforting. It's just a silly, playful, lovable show about very sweet people having goofy adventures. Also it's made in Portland so I frequently recognize bits of it. The last episode I watched was clearly filmed in and around OMSI. Anyway, it's such a comforting show that I can't binge it. I need to sip it one or two episodes at a time to maximize its ability to soothe me.

Didn't quite finish opening the Garbage Pail Kids packs tonight. I probably could have, but I had the urge to finish off this RPG I have been playing off and on for the past month. I did end up finishing it, and I could technically sort for a couple more hours before falling asleep, but I want to try and get to bed early so I can do some shopping before work again.
Dang it, I fell into a YouTube vortex and have been watching clips of Graham Norton for like four hours. I can't even remember what the video was that set me off. On the bright side, I go a WHOLE LOT OF CARDS SORTED! I'm almost done opening the packs of this Garbage Pail Kids set. The actual sorting is going to take a while, but I might finish opening the packs tomorrow. Definitely on Friday if not then.

The streak of amazing television appears to be over. I mean, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow were good, but they weren't any better than they usually are, especially when compared with everything else I've watched in the past few days.

Work is still insanely busy. The good thing is that it's making the days pass by very quickly. Come to think of it, this whole week is going by pretty fast, especially considering the low quality of my overall mood. Seems like pretty much everybody is having a terrible week at the moment. Hopefully I can find something fun to do this weekend, although I definitely need to try and save a chunk of money for Black Friday.

Tickets for LeakyCon went on sale today. Next year, it's going to be in Dallas. This seemed like a good excuse to see Texas for the first time, but sadly it looks like all the passes have already sold out. I wouldn't have been able to buy one until next month anyway, but I was definitely expecting to have at least a couple weeks to try and scrape together the money rather than a couple hours.

cranky week

Well, I remembered to pack my lunch, so I guess today is a step up from yesterday. I'm still feeling pretty blah this week. The correspondence I processed today was unusually difficult today, too. I don't feel like I got a whole lot done. Things also seem weirdly busy this week compared to last week. Not sure why. Still probably not busy enough for any overtime.

I went to a weird meeting today. I don't usually get chosen to represent my department in the bigger meetings, but I was today. Got to listen to a bunch of people in other departments, most of whom I only really knew from seeing their emails. It was a meeting about a new procedure, and I found it surprisingly stressful because a lot of it was people in different departments arguing with each other about a couple aspects of the new process.

In other news, television has been unusually good the past few days. It started with Friday's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which was one of the most gut-wrenching things I've ever seen on television. I cried for half an hour straight after seeing it. Then I watched it again. Tonight, I watched this week's Lucifer and Supergirl, both of which were unusually good. I mean, Supergirl is usually really good, so being unusually good is a pretty impressive achievement. Lucifer is normally pretty terrible, so it having an episode that was genuinely good was a little jarring.

the Mondayest of Mondays

Today was... not the best. It started with me oversleeping because my phone shut off. My phone shut off because apparently I somehow broke my phone charger. I have no idea how I did that. Anyway, my alarms didn't wake me up. I still woke up early enough to get to work on time, but I completely forgot to grab my lunch on the way out the door. This meant I was hangry all day, and the rest of the day's shenanigans didn't help me either.

On the way to work I stepped in a giant puddle and had to deal with a wet foot all day. I also almost got hit by another car on that stupid overpass. Oh, and I somehow tore the lining of my raincoat. No idea how I managed that. And I just now realized I forgot to bring the tomatoes I was going to give to my swing shift buddy. Dang it!

Work wasn't terrible today. Honestly, it was probably fine, and I only reacted so negatively to everything because I was in a bad mood.

I finished my Luke Cage re-watch tonight. Definitely still my second-favorite of all the Marvel Netflix shows. Not sure what I'm going to go for next. I think I'm still a little burned out on police shows, so I'm probably going to wait a bit before going back to NCIS for my card-sorting needs. I guess I could keep going with Marvel, but I'm really not in the mood for Iron Fist or Defenders again yet.

sunless Sunday

It's a good thing yesterday was so packed with adventure, because today was a total waste. The only thing I accomplished was picking up a couple of groceries. I thought I had some kind of adventure scheduled today, but if I did, I can't for the life of me remember what it was. Mostly I just tried to sort cards and watch Netflix with the anxiety goblins yammering in my ear.

Season two of Lady Dynamite just got added to Netflix. I watched the first season, and I remember thinking it was really freaking weird, but this season is BEYOND weird. Or maybe it's the same amount of weird and I just managed to repress it the first time. Either way it's entertaining, but I can only watch it in very small doses. I am now very curious about Maria Bamford's comedy, though. This show was my first real exposure to her.

Black Friday ads are starting to appear. I don't know that I will be participating in the chaos all that much this year. I did sit down and make a list of games and movies I am interested in, but there just isn't that much I want at the moment. I guess it helps that I haven't even played all of the games I bought last year.

C-Cakes Saturday

After several weeks of getting thwarted for various reasons, today was a day of C-Cakes adventures! We started with a vegan brunch at a bar called Hungry Tiger. She had a scramble and I had biscuits and gravy. We're kind of on a mission to try all of Portland's vegan food, one restaurant at a time. This was a solid entry, especially considering how difficult it is to do vegan versions of breakfast-y things. Apparently this place is famous for its vegan corn dogs. I may go back at some point to try them, just because corn dogs are such a garbage food that I can't imagine anybody actually wanting a vegan version.

Next adventure on the list was a pile of returns at Michaels. Michaels is a fun store to visit in the fall and winter. It tends to go crazy with the seasonal displays. Although I don't officially condone Christmas displays before Thanksgiving, I do like looking at any kind of lights, and Michaels has a pretty robust Christmas lights selection. I like the way they let you test them, too. They have tiny little windows with several types of bulbs on display, and you press a button to light them up. ♥ We also looked at some weird toys, but I was able to successfully resist them.

We were going to go to IKEA, but there was some out of control event going on that made the traffic unbearable. We decided on seeing Thor: Ragnarok, which we did after a brief detour to Starbucks for buy-one-get-one seasonal drinks. Thor was just as good the third time. I really do enjoy that movie.

In other news, I've finally started reading Crash Override, Zoe Quinn's memoir about online abuse. It's a riveting but sobering read. It's heartbreaking to learn just how bad the Gamergate abuse actually was, but also inspiring to see how she overcame it to start doing some real good on the internet.

I also got caught up on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and HOLY CRAP this week's episode was amazing. Very hard to watch, but amazing. If Rachel Bloom doesn't get an Emmy for the last five minutes of this episode, there is no justice in the world.

the dumbest of Fridays

Work was dumb today. Outlook was being dumb and kept crashing. Our proprietary software was also being dumb and crashing. The payment kiosk where we buy our snacks was being dumb and not connecting to the internet so we couldn't use credit cards. The QA department was being dumb and wouldn't share their donuts with us. All the project coordinators were being dumb (well, actually smart) by taking a long weekend when I needed them to research escalations. I still made it through the day, but I definitely had a headache by the end of it.

Tonight was my night for hunting down movies on Amazon that I have been meaning to watch. Sometimes this goes very well, sometimes less so. The first was a movie called Free Fire. It's been getting fairly varied reactions, but I've seen more positive than negative. Why, I have no idea. This movie is terrible. It's a ninety minute film that consists of an arms deal that goes wrong and leads to a large shootout. Literally the entire last hour of the movie is a single shootout, but it's somehow boring. I know it's supposed to be funny, but I could barely keep my eyes open. I didn't care about any of the characters. It's just a bad movie that thinks it's a Tarantino film.

I also finally watched What We Do in the Shadows, which is Taika Waititi's mockumentary about a group of vampires living in Wellington, New Zealand. This movie is freaking HILARIOUS! I haven't laughed this hard at a fake documentary since This is Spinal Tap. It's a little gory, but incredibly silly. Each of the vampires is kind of modeled after a famous movie vampire. One of them is du Lac from Interview With the Vampire. Another is the Gary Oldman version of Dracula, another is the Bela Lugosi version of Dracula, and the oldest one is Nosferatu. They are all weird and awkward in their own way. It's basically the exact opposite of modern vampire presentation. I laughed out loud at least once every few minutes. If you have Amazon Prime, definitely watch it.

but what album will next season be?

Man, Luke Cage is even better than I remember it. I connected with it more quickly than any other Marvel Netflix series except for Jessica Jones. In talking to various Portland friends, I haven't been able to find very many people who like it as much as I do. I was just talking to Beardswin, who also loves it, and had a semi-obvious realization after noticing that all my bay area friends love it and hardly any of my Portland friends do. I think the show purposefully makes zero effort to be accessible to white people, and that might be why so few people up here can find an entry point to connect with. Me and Beardswin grew up within spitting distance of Oakland, which, while definitely its own thing, has enough similarities to Harlem that watching the show triggers nostalgia in both of us. I do think maybe growing up in a MUCH more diverse place than Portland gives you a big boost to your empathy stat and makes it easier to connect with life experiences that don't mirror your own? Just something I've been thinking about tonight.

In related news, I'm curious about whether Luke Cage is going to pick a different hip hop artist to name all the episodes after! Every episode of season one was named after a Gang Starr track. I'm thinking Wu Tang Clan is the most likely for season two.

This work week continues to creep along. I keep teetering on the edge of running out of correspondence work and having to go back to claims, but it hasn't happened yet. Fridays are a little busier, so I should be safe tomorrow as well. I wouldn't mind if there was some crisis that gave me another burst of overtime, but I don't think it's very likely. Only five hours of overtime on this check, which is still nice. Unless something really bizarre happens, I think that was probably the last of it until early December.

Twitter continues to baffle everybody with dramatic changes that solve no problems and serve no demand. Today, out of nowhere, they increase the number of characters you can have in your display name. Why, I have no idea. Was anybody clamoring for this feature? I know I wasn't. Again, as with the double character limit, most people are using it to protest. I'm seeing a lot of [first name] "Kick the Nazis off Twitter [last name]. I haven't thought of anything clever for myself yet, but it's on my mind.

I just wanna watch Thor again

The thing that really disturbs me about Twitter is how the people who created it and run it literally do not understand a single aspect of their creation. They don't understand how real people actually use it. They don't understand the things that are wrong with it. They don't understand what people like about it. They don't even understand what people want from it. It would be hilarious if it weren't so frustrating. This is a product that basically changed the way the world works, and they keep devoting resources to making changes that make it harder and less fun to use, while ignoring a very small number of problems that badly need to be fixed.

Twitter's latest folly is increasing the maximum number of characters per tweet from 140 to 280. Absolutely nobody wanted this, and it will definitely drive away a lot of users who have been on the fence about whether or not to quit. People have been fiddling with it and/or complaining about it all day. The whole point of what made Twitter so charming was the way you had to streamline your thoughts and your writing, and now it's not even a challenge to fit just about any sentence you want into a tweet. What's more, nobody is sincerely using the extra characters. People are using them to tweet the opening paragraphs of various novels, or quote entire movie conversations. Some people are making emoji art. The reaction to the increase has been so universally negative, I feel like this might be the beginning of the end of Twitter.

Well, at least all the election news this week has been good.