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slack-ass brain

I ordered some household stuff on Amazon that was scheduled to arrive today. Because I am paranoid about missing packages, I set my alarm for fairly early so I could be downstairs when the knock came. I heard the knock, went downstairs, brought my delivery inside, came back upstairs, and passed out until some time after noon. Then I woke up properly and realized that I had actually dreamed the arrival of the package, which still wasn't here. I can't help but feel like my subconscious is just phoning it in at this point.

Still feeling pretty out of sorts today, but not as bad as yesterday. I did forget my ID badge for I think the first time since I started this job, but I realized it halfway to work and just barely had time to go back home and get it. On my first break, I checked the package tracking and saw that it was delivered. I haven't had any issues with people taking packages, but I didn't want to take any chances because one of the things in the package was my fancy new ice cream scoop. The coworker who is really bad at helping was good at helping today, and she took me home on my lunch break so I could bring everything inside.

I brought the ice cream scoop to work to show it off, but nobody else was excited about it. Maybe it's because I have had so much occasion to bemoan the poor quality of an ice cream scoop, but I am unreasonably psyched about having this thing. TheSweetHome.com says it's the best one around, and it wasn't even that expensive. It has heat-conducting liquid in the handle, apparently? All I know is that it's pretty and I'm happy to own it!

Now to go back downstairs and putter around until it gets cool enough up here to fall asleep.
Today was not a good day. I mean, my ability to function these days seems to come in waves, and today was definitely low tide. There's always a low grade level of frustration and fear and sadness these days, and I thought I was starting to build up a tolerance for it. (Or at least a numbness to it!) I thought I was ready to be simply frustrated or angry about the latest version of the GOP's "health care" bill, but that was before I saw the footage of capitol police officers dragging disabled protesters out of their wheelchairs.

When you take the stew of anger and fear and frustration and resentment, and sprinkle it with being uncomfortably warm all day, the results are a pretty miserable Drave. It was still uncomfortably warm when I left work. Even though the fan has been running for an hour, my bedroom is like a sauna. I can't believe it's only June. It definitely feels like August right now.

Speaking of August, I'm trying to decide if I'm going to do anything for my birthday. This is a big one, but I don't know if I have the energy to plan anything. Maybe I can get Mister What to come up and plan something for me like he did on my 30th. That birthday and the one where DarthTad helped me through a crab dinner party where the only really good birthdays I've had in recent memory.

poor sad little ice cream

Well, I woke up at a decent hour, but I didn't manage to do anything interesting before work. Mostly just did card stuff for Jughead. I did order a few household necessities off of the internet. I'm slowly removing all my remaining excuses to finally get this place clean, although I am not at all confident in my ability to get the bathroom clean. I think I left it too long, and it may legally be classified as a biological weapon. I will take a crack at it this weekend, but I may just break down and hire a cleaner for an hour.

Summer seems to be in full swing already, so I'm glad I bought that fan. I've been getting a lot of use out of it. It makes a pretty good white noise generator when I'm having trouble sleeping, too. I'm considering getting a tiny fan to bring to work. Especially if they don't adjust the climate control to something that makes more sense. Even though it's almost ninety degrees this week, the heat is still coming on at 9pm. I do not approve of this.

One good thing about summer is that movies start earlier during the week. I assume this is because school has let out for the summer. At my local theater, showtimes normally start between 11am and noon, but now most movies seem to start showing between 9 and 10! This greatly increases my chances of seeing movies during the week, so that's exciting. I was just starting to consider whether I should officially request to shift back to day shift, but this is a decent workaround. I would probably be happier on day shift at this point, but the way we are currently staffed, I just don't think it makes any sense for me to do so. Maybe we'll get some better people in the latest batch of new hires?

I am the opposite of a guitar case

I woke up super early today, with plenty of time to do laundry. None of the machines were in use, so it seemed like my laundry curse might have been cured. Plenty of time to do all my laundry and still run some errands before work. Upon closer inspection, one of the washers was out of commission. Both dryers were still working, so it could have been worse, but laundry still took way longer than I expected it to. Such is the way of the laundry-cursed.

The new day shift lead has too much damned time on his hands. It seems like he has been spending literally half the day making tweaks to the daily assignment spreadsheet since he was promoted. This spreadsheet essentially hasn't changed in a year, and it's getting unrecognizable. About a third of the things he has changed are actually improvements. A lot of them are just bizarre, and some are far too ambitious for somebody who is just learning Excel. None of those work right. It's driving everybody crazy. Fortunately, this lull is just about over. We're about a week or two away from getting hit by a tsunami of new cases.

Gonna try to get to sleep early so I can do the stuff I would have done today if the laundry had taken the usual amount of time.

morning quest successful

So, Monday is definitely not the day to go to the lottery office in Wilsonville. I wasn't really paying attention to what day of the week it was when I went the first time, but it must have been a Tuesday or Wednesday. I was the only one there when they opened, so in the back of my mind I was thinking that's how it would always be at 8:30 in the morning. I forgot that if you go on Monday you are going with everybody who won anything between Friday afternoon and Sunday late night. We did get there first, but we made the mistake of walking around the side of the building for the shade, and when we got back there were a dozen people or so waiting.

It still didn't take terribly long, but we missed the commuter rail back again and had to take a very slow bus ride. This time, I went into the bank to deposit the check, which apparently gets you quicker access to the money. We went to Black Bear Diner for breakfast, because it has apparently become our tradition. This time I tried as scrambled egg bowl. It was pretty freaking good, but not as good as the chicken fried steak. After breakfast, my coworker went home to nap and I went to Fred Meyer to run more errands.

I picked up a couple more cleaning supplies that would have been helpful yesterday. I also broke down and bought a box fan to stick in my window. I'm not quite ready to commit to an actual air conditioner but this seemed like a good first step. They were all over Fred Meyer, and selling like hotcakes. Almost everybody in the checkout lines had at least one fan. Some people had three or four. Today was the first genuinely hot day of the year, so I suspect they are probably all sold out by now.

Work wasn't terrible interesting today. Everybody was a little out of it because of the heat, I think, but nothing really noteworthy happened.

In France, one egg is un oeuf!

Woke up this morning to a delicious breakfast of BlackDotBug's tiny quiche with smoked gouda and smoked turkey. They were each almost exactly the size of a single bite, at least for me, and they were freaking TASTY! Look how cute these things are!

I also took another pretty fire picture last night that I forgot to include.

And here is a lovely view of the misty morning view from the kitchen of The Land.

BlackDotBug wanted to go to pride, and my movie buddy had stuff he needed to do, so we left at around 10 or so. I invited my coworker to go see Wonder Woman with me, but our plans got thwarted. When she was already halfway to the theater, I tried to buy tickets for a 2pm show and found out they were sold out through 7pm! I was sad not to be able to see it again, but I am really happy the movie is still selling out theaters three weeks in. I hope it keeps making money hand over fist all summer long!

Instead of the movie, my coworker ended up coming over to help me clean. We managed to get all the kitchen stuff unpacked and decided where most of it is going to live, although everything still needs to be washed. I bought some cleaning supplies today, but I will be investing in some more tomorrow. We both ran out of energy a couple hours in due to the heat, so we ordered a pizza and watched some episodes of Movies With Mikey, and then a few episodes of Agents of SHIELD.

A few random interesting sights appeared over the course of the day. When I was out running errands, I saw a group of three burly bearded guys with topknots who were wandering around eating popsicles. Whenever they passed by a kid, they offered the kid a popsicle. (Clearly these men are good at summer!) Later, in a game store, there was a little girl in a pink princess dress dragging her dad around and showing him all the video games she wanted. Finally, I overheard a conversation between a mother and daughter, whether the daughter was telling her mother that the best day on the beach is a cloudy, overcast day. Her mom seemed horrified by this revelation, but I wanted to applaud the kid's good sense.

Now I need to try and get to sleep so I can get up a 6:30 in the morning and get to the lottery office right when they open. That's not going to be much fun, especially considering I burned the hell out of my arms today. I was lulled into a false sense of security by the rain this morning. All the cloud cover burned off halfway through the day and now I am LobsterDrave.

I hate your whimpering!

I didn't make it very long before falling asleep last night, but I did FINALLY finish sorting the Allen & Ginter baseball card sets. Spent all morning and afternoon on them, and finished with about an hour to spare before getting picked up for movie adventures. In that time, I think I have decided to drop NCIS. I can't help it. I just hate Tony too much. He's basically the anthropomorphic personification of rape culture, and he sucks. My search for a good card sorting show continues.

At around 6:30 I was picked up and we headed for The Land. Relatively small gathering today, what with the rain all week and it being Pride weekend in Portand at the moment. Dinner was an absolute feast. We had turkey smoked in a newly built smoker, two excellent salads one with black eyed peas and cucumbers, and the other carrot-based. There was fresh grilled corn on the cob, home baked bread, and a sweet potato pie. Some of the best food I've had in ages! Not to mention all the popcorn.

Tonight's movie was The Dark Crystal, which I don't think I have seen since my early 20's. I was amazed at how well I remembered it. Almost as well as The Princess Bride or Labyrinth. Two of the group were young enough not to have seen it before, so that was fun. I've heard rumors that a sequel is finally being made, which I have mixed feelings about. I really hope that if it does happen they will make it with puppets instead of animating everything. I feel like that's my only real criteria.

Since the crowd was small tonight, I am in the adorable guest room instead of the tiny house! I missed its purple walls.

oh, sad paycheck

My transition paycheck was even sadder than I expected, possibly because I forgot to factor in the cost of my medical insurance. Money is still going to be tight this weekend, but things will greatly improve on Monday. I spent the whole morning running errands. When I was mostly finished and on my way to work, I passed by an unfamiliar lottery cafe and had an inexplicable urge to go inside. I still had a little money left, and they had a new game I hadn't tried yet, so I played it for a little bit. It was very entertaining, but not doing much for me, so I switched back to the game I've had good luck with, and promptly won a $1500 jackpot! That's all I won, though, and it was an automatic hand-pay, so while my wallet is going to be ecstatic on Monday morning when I can go to the lottery office, my wallet is still currently fairly sad. Still, an exciting way to start the day.

Work was very silly today. All my email problems were fixed, although it took an hour out of my shift to get it all set back up the way I had it. Something about the combination of jackpot giddiness and work relief put me in a spectacularly silly mood. This was compounded by something amusing and completely accidental. On the way to work, I bought some drinks at Uwajimaya, including a can of Assam milk tea. The alignment of the label, the graphic design, and the size of my hand conspired to make this happen.

That may be the funniest thing I have ever done completely by accident. Twitter had a pretty good reaction to it as well.

Damn it, I'm so close to being doing with this Allen & Ginter set, and I don't have to be anywhere until 6pm tomorrow. Plus I'm still a little too hyper to sleep. I think I might just stay up until it's done.


For the most part, I try not to use ad-blockers, because the people who are hurt most by them tend to be smaller content providers, but today I saw an ad that has left my convictions deeply shaken. It was of a type that I have seen a lot lately, but more often on mobile sites. About 5 seconds into reading a page, an ad will pop up that obscures the whole site, and you have to manually close it. This one was a giant close-up video of a human eye looking around. Like, it filled my entire browser window. The pupil was the size of my fist. It scared the living hell out of me!. Like, my heart was still racing for ten minutes after it happened. Advertisers, this is ABSOLUTELY NOT OKAY and it is going to give someone a heart attack someday.

The saga to repair my Outlook continues. I swear all the IT people here work incredibly odd hours, and I say that as somebody who works from 2:45 to 11:15. The guy who was working on my problem yesterday emailed me around 9pm last night. Then he emailed me again at around 7am this morning. What kind of schedule requires you to be working at both 7am and 9pm? Somebody else took over today, and they kept sending me troubleshooting emails that were all roughly three hours apart. Out of the three remaining issues from last night, one has been fixed. The biggest one is still there, and I don't really care about the third.

Three more hours until payday. I think I am going to spend some time going through this good and cheap PDF cookbook this weekend and see if I can't plan out some meals that are a little more interesting than just sandwiches at work and rice and lentils at night.

problem solving

I called Animal Control again today. Turns out they did send someone over yesterday, but that person wasn't able to find the cat. I can only surmise that they didn't try very hard for whatever reason. Anyway, I gave way more detailed directions this time, including which corner it was on, and where it was in relation to the pole with the crosswalk buttons. This seems to have done the trick, because the cat was removed by the time I got off of work. Whew. I didn't need that daily burst of sadness right at the start and end of my work day.

Work sort of fixed the problem I've been having, but not quite? I mean, they fixed the major issue, but in the process of doing so, they created three more issues. One of them is a fairly big problem, but the others are mild enough that I can work around them. Things show every sign of being back to normal by Friday, at least for me. My lead is having a whole other set of issues, so we'll see how that goes.

One more full day until payday, but it's going to be the saddest payday. Due to this month's switch from semi-monthly to biweekly, this paycheck will be for the week ending the 2nd, and the week ending the 9th, which means it will only be for seven workdays. That's not going to be a whole lot more than I need for the rest of my bills and credit card payments. Money is going to be very tight for the rest of the month, although I should hopefully have enough left to start some ice cream experiments with my new ice cream maker.