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Less surprising sammich

My second sandwich didn't surprise me as much today but it still made me pretty happy. Really, I just need to start getting up early enough to make breakfast again so I don't need second secret surprise sammiches. Or find a more portable breakfast I can bring to work. For a while I was doing breakfast bars, but then I actually read the nutritional info and saw they were essentially candy bars.

Bus karma was a little stronger today. I got off one stop earlier to dodge the construction and just barely had time to catch the bus when it looped around back to work. I was even a little early to work! Things are still going crazy in my department but I had a very productive day. Things are bad enough that I am allowed to work both weekend days, except I already have plans for the Fruit Loop on Saturday. Still, a 57 hour work week is nothing to sneeze at.

Surprise Sammich

I normally make myself a sandwich before I go to bed so that I can just grab it on my way out the door to work. I can't seem to get up early enough to make breakfast before work, so I'm usually pretty hungry when I get there. If my sandwich makes it all the way to my first break, that's a rare thing. Anyway, last night I was thinking about the long days I am working and I had the wild idea to make TWO sandwiches. I ate the first one right away and then completely forgot about the second until my lunch break, when I was unreasonably excited to rediscover it. Genius.

I had a whopping four meetings to go to today, which is definitely an Epiq record for me. I think it's my record at any job, now that I think about it. Today wasn't too stressful, but I didn't get nearly as much done as I did yesterday.

In other news, I am looking for a new phone game to play when I can't sleep. I've tried a ton of them in the past month, but nothing sticks. Well, there was one rope puzzle game that was perfect, but I actually solved all the puzzles! I'm open to suggestions.

3D comin' atcha

For a Tuesday, today was surprisingly Monday. It started with me learning that I won't have working internet until the weekend. Extra frustrating because almost all the shows I watch are coming back this week! I can still barely watch YouTube on my phone, so naturally the entire site went down for most of the evening.

I woke up super early for once, which is good because I had a lot of packages to mail. I planned my route out perfectly so that I could hop on a commuter bus, drop off the packages, then walk to the transit center and get back on the bus when it leaves twenty minutes later. Except there was construction that Google didn't know about, and my bus was rerouted in a four block loop around where I was trying to get to. I completely missed the bus to work and had to walk the long way, so despite waking up at 5am I was fifteen minutes late. And I forgot my water bottle.

At least work was a little calmer today. Tomorrow will be full of stress-inducing meetings, but today was relaxing.

The system has gone down-o

GOOD GOD Windows 10 is a steaming pile of hot wet garbage. And it gets worse with every single update. It makes me furious just thinking about it. After the latest update, it's no longer possible to right click on a file and print it. Also, when you attach a device via USB, the "safely remove hardware" option flat out doesn't do anything. I found three different methods of accessing the command, but not a single one did anything.

Work was pretty stressful for everybody today. The carpet glue fumes that were supposed to be finished Friday are still going strong. Almost every person in leadership had at least one tool stop working for the bulk of the day. On the bright side, overtime is officially approved. I'm working at least ten hours per day every day this week. Possibly twelve on some of them. Not sure how much of a dent this will put in our backlog, but we'll do our best.

Sunday, yucky Sunday

Is there anything worse than being stuck at home, feeling like crap on a weekend? Answer: Absolutely. You could be stuck at home, feeling like crap on a weekend when your internet goes out. A greater man than I might see this as a sign that today is the day to really hunker down and do the cleaning you so badly need to do, which would allow you to finally fire Comcast and replace it with internet that doesn't go out when you need it most. I, on the other hand, just kept falling asleep.

I am both anticipating and dreading work this week. Tomorrow is the day things start falling out of service level for the first time in three years, so the chance of overtime is extremely high. What's more, the work that needs overtine is very relaxing compared to most of what I do on a given day. My prediction is that I will work at least sixty hours this week, and I will he utterly exhausted, but a lot less stressed. This will mean I'll miss out on some fun stuff this week but have a very happy check in three weeks when rent is due. Especially if next week is similar.

it's terrible

Today's Netflix movie has a rather unwieldy title: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It's a post-WWII period film about an author who receives an intriguing letter that piques her curiosity and inspires her to do some investigative journalism. The letter is from a young man belonging to the titular group who requests her help in locating more books for his club. Figuring there must be a story behind that name, she visits the island of Guernsey to learn more about its history. The club turns out to have been started sort of by accident by a group of drunk friends returning from an illicit dinner party during the Nazi occupation of the island of Guernsey. They run afoul of a Nazi patrol and quickly have to make up an excuse about why they are meeting, and that's the first thing they can come up with that explains the objects they happen to be carrying at the time. The Nazis force them to officially register the group and its meeting schedule, which forces them to become an actual book club that holds scheduled meetings, and thus the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is born. It's a small act of resistance, and the book club becomes a way of retaining their humanity within a dehumanizing situation. The movie is part detective story, part period drama, part romance. It has pleasantly small stakes, which is rare for a WWII movie. Definitely recommended, doubly recommended for book lovers.

Not much else to report from today. Mostly sleep and anxiety. It's been a really long week.

Grave Roach'ems

Things are BAD at work. That person getting fired last week Friday screwed us over so badly. Every single one of us is stretched to the breaking point, and not nearly enough work is getting done. We are all working slowly, making mistakes, and snapping at each other. Even the people who get along the best are all annoying each other right now. We absolutely need overtime and we are not getting it. We should have had it all week. We should definitely be running two weekend shifts for the rest of the month, but the stupid new policy is preventing anybody from working at all this weekend.

At one point today, I had so many things on my plate that I just walked outside and stood in the woods for like five minutes before I felt calm enough to go back inside and function. It's immensely frustrating because the job is normally so great, and it's just a small cluster of really bad things happening at once that made everything explode. I guess I can understand why our leads wouldn't push back too hard about the overtime. We all could probably use two days rest, to be honest. For me, though, the kind of work I get to do when I work weekends is incredibly relaxing. Also, it's time that I'm too distracted to be stressed about the government, the climate, my apartment, or money in general.

the boat of us

Oh my god, we have SO MUCH WORK to do right now. I could literally work the next seventy-two hours straight and I don't think we'd be able to get caught up. The level of stress in the office is pretty intense. It's not helping that the vendor hasn't fully restocked the food in the lunchroom all week. Weirdly, HR picked today to email the whole company about the holiday party, which isn't for over two full months. I'm definitely going to do it again, though. I have learned many thing about how to win the raffles, so I hope to actually get a prize this time.

After work, my movie buddy and I had several adventures. We went to Cash & Carry to restock sandwich stuff, which I should have done on Monday. We also went to try this new sushi boat restaurant near the theater. The food was better than average, but still too expensive for the quality. I would rather do the all you can eat one instead, even if the food isn't quite as good. I definitely shouldn't have done a sushi boat after not eating all day.

Tonight's movie adventure was Bad Times at the El Royale, which is the latest from Drew Goddard of Cabin in the Woods fame. It's one of those "a bunch of odd people stuck together in a weird situation" crime dramas. The titular El Royale is a hotel on the California/Nevada border. There's a giant red line through the entire property, and the two sides of the hotel have different amenities. There's an incompetent bellboy, an elderly priest, a singer, a vacuum salesman, and a grumpy hippie. Naturally, they are all there for different reasons, and all of them are more than they seem. The movie is definitely going for a Shane Black meets Quentin Tarantino vibe. I'm not sure that it entirely succeeds, but I applaud the ambition. I will say that I had no idea where the movie was going to go at any given time, and that's always a fun feeling. Would tentatively recommend, especially of you like Black or Tarantino.

horsin' em inta ye

The construction people are doing the other half of the office renovations this week. They have reached the carpet glue portion of the festivities, which means I am going to be absolutely miserable for the rest of the week. I wish I thought I could get away with calling in suck. I just hate the carpet glue fumes so much. They make me feel like I want to vomit half the time, and give me a migraine the rest of the time. This is particularly bad considering how much work has come in this week. We're looking into getting weekend overtime approved. Ideally, different people working both days so that we have people working every single day.

My movie buddy and I tried a new food cart for lunch today. It's a native American place called TGIFrybread. Three guesses what they serve. I actually had a frybread cheeseburger, which is basically a regular cheeseburger with frybread instead of a bun. Frybread is a bit like an "elephant ear" you get at a street fair. Like a firmer, less sweet donut. Anyway, the burger was extremely challenging to eat, but indescribably delicious. I can't wait to go back and try their frybread hot dog next!

There may be some good news about the hell case in the next few weeks. I am keeping my fingers crossed. If it happens the way we hope, it should solve a lot of this department's problems.

sick burn, bro

Today was pretty much the worst. It started with me oversleeping by an hour and being late to work. When I got there, Outlook decided to take my lateness personally and became completely unusable for the majority of the day. I think I had to restart it at least a dozen times. I had to restart my entire computer twice. The daily inbox check I do when I first come in used to take me fifteen minutes. For the past few weeks, it's been taking thirty to forty-five minutes. This morning it took two and a half hours, and that was with two people working on it. I don't know what the hell is going on with our exchange server, but this is absolutely not sustainable. I probably only did about three hours of actual work today. The rest was waiting on Outlook. I was going to stay an extra hour to make up for being late, but by the time 4:30 rolled around, my headache was so bad that I just went home. Not looking forward to tomorrow's meetings.

At least Just Cause 3 is helping me unwind in the evenings. The sheer quantity of explosions you instigate in this game is deeply cathartic. The characters are much better than the last one, too. Also, now that I'm starting to get the hang of it, the wingsuit is extremely fun. Really, my only complaint with the game is that it doesn't like telling you how to do things. There are little tips during the loading screens, but I would have appreciated some actual tutorials. I'm 37% of the way through the game and I just now discovered that I have remote detonators. I think my favorite piece of advice the loading screens has given me is pointing out that you shouldn't be afraid to leap before you look. It's a fair point considering you have a wingsuit, a parachute, and a grappling hook. You'd have to work really hard to actually injure yourself from a fall.