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keep em comin'

It looks like I could have come in and worked yesterday after all. We got way more email on Sunday than I was expecting. Our supervisor is trying to show some restraint in bestowing the overtime this week, so I am currently limited to two hours per day, which I definitely used. I could probably have stayed five hours and still not finished everything that came in. That's just how things go on the day of a filing deadline, though. At least I am feeling very appreciated this week. My supervisor's boss has decided to take me out to lunch on Wednesday, so that's exciting.

I finished sorting the last of the new card sets today, which means I am finally getting back to the leftovers in the closet. I'm a little embarrassed at how long it took to get back to them, but I have a lot more experience now so I'm hoping the sorting will go a little faster than it did before. My hope is to be completely caught up by the end of the summer, which hopefully will mean Jughead can start buying more new card sets again. Someday I dream of getting to sort another Star Wars or Doctor Who set.

In other news, I have a new reaction video channel to be obsessed with. It's called "Lost In Vegas", and it's just these two black dudes who post reaction/review videos of songs. What makes them so entertaining is that they are both hip hop heads, but have decided to branch out into exploring other forms of music, especially heavy metal. They are slowly making their way through the various subgenres of heavy metal music, and it's really entertaining seeing how they react. This is probably my favorite one so far.

Today's main adventure was going out to visit BlackDotBug and see Ant Man & the Wasp with her. It's a pretty harrowing commute at the best of times, but weird things kept delaying me this time. The one planned delay was stopping off at New Seasons to pick up some sparkling water. That should only have delayed me by fifteen minutes or so, but while I was getting ready to hop back on MAX, I saw an iPad sitting on a bench with nobody around. It had the owner's phone number on the lock screen, so I gave it a try to see if I could get it back to him. I ended up leaving it at New Seasons for him.

Another odd delay was caused by an old woman with heat stroke who needed an ambulance. As I have learned from previous experience, when this happens, the bus isn't allowed to leave until the ambulance get here. It wouldn't have been so bad if they had just let us sit in the bus, but they didn't. They made us sit outside in 99 degree heat. So, that wasn't the most fun. At least I made it to BlackDotBug's place only about fifteen minutes later than I'd planned to. Got to hang out with her kitty and try some new seltzer flavors.

Ant Man & the Wasp was just as deligthful the second time. Possibly even more delightful. Sadly, that's the last MCU movie of the year, I think!

this Saturday feels like a Wednesday

That may be the hardest I've ever worked on a Saturday. We've been having so much trouble with O365 for so long that I had forgotten how fast I used to be able to work before the awful slowdown happened. I guess it really is just a bandwidth issue because evrything works perfectly on the weekend when there is hardly anybody at work. Anyway, I think I accomplished more in eight hours today than I have in the past week. The only problem is that I got so much done, they don't need me tomorrow after all. So it looks like my BlackDotBug movie plans may be back on.

This shift was a bit hectic, but in a fun way. For most of the day it was just me and the project coordinators and the project manager for the hell case. In addition to completing all the backlog of work, I kept getting various assignments from all of them all throughout the day. It probably would have been stressful if it had happened during the week, but the relative peace and quiet and the lack of delays and interuptions made it surprisingly soothing. Plus, I got free Thai Food! That almost makes up for settling for eighteen hours of overtime instead of twenty-six. Oh, but there will be more overtime during the week. I can still break a record, maybe.

Wow, I am tired. I probably should just be sleeping all day tomorrow instead of venturing out to Vancouver. I don't care, I need to get out and do something fun. I haven't really done anything other than work all week.

over and overtime

Well, that was a day. Got a little bit of a late start this morning, mostly due to somehow pulling a muscle in my back while asleep. It was sore enough that I came really close to calling in sick to work. It would have been really bad if I had, since two people were out already and we got a TON of work in. Like, the most we've had any day this week. Even our supervisor was sick, although she did manage to work a couple hours before giving up and going home.

Before she left, she finally managed to get overtime approved for this week and next. We're in bad enough shape that she was able to get her boss to sign off on eighty hours of overtime this week and eighty more next week. I'm probably going to get to use at least 25% of the overtime just by myself. I'm already at ten and a half hours, and they want me to work at least eight hours Saturday and eight more on Sunday. Even the project coordinators are going to work this weekend, and they NEVER do that.

I got invited to some really fancy meetings today for stuff that is way over my pay grade, which I think is a good sign. The project manager wanted me there, which has pretty much never happened before. Low level people like me never get to sit in on meetings where important case decisions get made. Makes me feel like I might make it to project coordinator at some point!

Guess I should probably go to sleep. Gotta be back at work in seven hours.


My boss damned near gave me a heart attack today. I had been talking with another coworker about how badly this project is going, and how I was worried that it was going to require somebody to be thrown under the bus at the end, and if so I would be the lowest ranking person and thus the most expendable. While I was voicing this, I got an instant message from the boss that just said "Please come to my office." It didn't turn out to be anything bad, but it sure scared the crap out of me.

On the bright side, we FINALLY got overtime approved. On the dark side, I have only been allocated two hours per day. I just don't think the boss really understands how far behind we are. I think if my entire department was given unlimited overtime, it would still take a solid week for us to get things back under control. Still, I'll take what I can get. There might be a Saturday shift I can take, and possibly a Sunday as well. If I can get overtime next week as well, I might finally be able to dig myself out of the financial hole I knocked myself into. Of course, if I do work overtime tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday, I have no idea how I'm going to get to Cash & Carry to restock my work lunch stuff.


Still no luck on getting overtime approved. Then again, our supervisor only worked a half day today because of a doctor's appointment, so she left before she saw just how bad things were by the end of my shift. Technically, I now have to shave three hours off this work week to make up for working late on Monday. I was supposed to do one hour today but a meeting got rescheduled for later in the day so I wasn't able it. *sigh* There is SO MUCH WORK to do. If I worked twelve hour days on Thursday and Friday, plus an eight hour shift on Saturday, we might just barely be able to get back to where we need to be.

I forgot to mention another of yesterday's frustrations. Due to a PayPal issue, the card sorting payment I was expecting on the 10th didn't go through. I was sort of counting on that money, so the past couple of days have been a little bleak in the finance department as well. It did finally go through tonight, but too late for me to go anywhere and do the shopping I was planning to do with that money. I guess that will be tomorrow's errand, then.

Made a ton of progress on Mass Effect Andromeda tonight. At least, I think I did. This appears to be a very large game. I've started experimenting with some of the other skills. I've been putting a little bit of points into everything so I can try a lot of different play styles. I just discovered there is a station where I can pay a fee and then reassign all my skill points, so I might do that instead. Spent all my points on Combat skills, try that for a few missions, then reset them and spend them all on Engineering. Could be fun. If nothing else, it will help with all the "do x thing y number of times" Achievements.


I seriously don't know what I have to do to convince my supervisor's boss that we need overtime to get back on track. We are SO FAR BEHIND! The only thing I can think of is that maybe she is holding off because of the person who is on vacation. Maybe she thinks that after they get back tomorrow we will be back on our feet immediately. I think that is ridiculously naïve and overly optimistic. I guess we'll see where we are at the end of my shift tomorrow.

Needless to say, I didn't get to stay late at all today. Not that I could have stayed that late, since I had laundry to do. Good thing I came home, too. Had a heck of a time finding an empty washing machine. Didn't end up finishing laundry until 10:20. Technically, the laundry room is supposed to close at 10, but they are pretty good about leaving it open if they see a machine is still going.

Having to check back in the laundry room every ten or fifteen minutes was too disruptive for me to actually watch anything, so today was more Mass Effect. I just finished a pretty major quest and now I am befriending a bunch more random alien folks. The Angara continue to crack me up with their extreme aversion to subtlety.

quantum overtime

Well, that was an interesting eleven hour day after getting two hours of sleep. I'm not sure if it's going to be overtime or flex time yet, though. I know my supervisor is not happy about the overtime and is trying to crack down on it, but we just don't have enough people to do the work and I'm the one who is the best at the work. It won't be so bad after tomorrow, because then my minion will be back from vacation and we should be able to dig ourselves out of this hole. I'm hoping things stay busy enough that they can't spare me for even an hour each day and then I will end up with overtime after all.

I was too tired to focus on a movie when I got home, so I just did my nightly card sorting and went back to Mass Effect Andromeda. I'm really enjoying the first new race I have encountered. They are very odd. They pride themselves on being extremely emotional and unguarded about it. They never hide their feelings. A fun side effect of that is that sometimes they can come off as gigantic assholes because they are so up front about how they feel about you. It goes for positive emotions, too. It's interesting to see an entire race that wears their hearts on their sleeves. They have really pretty eyes, too.

So far my only real complaint is that this world subscribes to the George Lucas model of planets with uniform climates. I've already found a dessert planet, a jungle planet, and an ice planet. Of course, this may be somewhat justified because a big part of the plot involves activating these giant mysterious terraforming devices, and if some of those devices had gone wrong in the past, that would explain the lack of diversity on each world.

is that how weekends work?

Apparently I just need to sleep for twelve or thirteen hours once per week now. Of course, that may have more to do with me only getting four or five hours sleep most nights during the week. For whatever reason, I slept from 2am until around 3pm today. This wouldn't be such a big deal if I didn't have so much trouble falling asleep the evening after a gigantic rest like that. Case in point, it's four in the morning now and I'm barely starting to get tired. And yes, I have to get up in three hours.

I didn't watch any movies today, but I did watch a really great comedy special on Netflix. It was Hannah Gadsby's "Nanette" special. It starts off just being really funny, but takes a turn for the emotional fairly early, and by the end she has completely deconstructed her own comedy and rebuilt it from scratch. It's one of the most intense pieces of art I've seen all year, and I defy anybody not to be unsettled and moved by it. If you have Netflix, watch it ASAP.

Not much else to report from today, other than that Mass Effect Andromeda continues to be riveting, and I have no idea why it was received so poorly. It feels and plays just enough like the other Mass Effect games to feel familiar, but it's different enough to be its own thing. It's full of interesting moral choices, silly side quests, and interesting cosmic mysteries. I'm baffled as to why I heard so few good things about it. Then again, I'm one of the rare people who absolutely loved the ending of Mass Effect 3, so what do I know.

oh Mass Effect how I have missed you

The danger with watching so many low budget indie sci fi flicks is that sometimes you get a real stinker. Today, I watched The Darkest Dawn, which is a title that has no relation to the actual movie. It's a found footage movie that's billed as being the story of two sisters trying to survive after an alien invasion. The younger sister wants to be a journalist and records everything with the video camera her parents gave her. The problem is that the movie completely discards its own protagonists a little after the halfway point, and the movie starts being about a group of soldiers that joins up with them. It basically demotes our heroes to being the cinematographers of someone else's story. When I was researching the movie after I finished it, I discovered it's actually a sequel. Absolutely no aspect of the movie even hints at this. I can't even be bothered to go back and watch the earlier movie because this one left me so cold.

Fortunately, the other movie I watched today was MUCH better. My Hufflepuff friend and I went to see Ant Man & the Wasp, which was absolutely delightful. I loved the first one, but this one is far better. None of the developmental problems that plagued the first one, so this one feels like the unified vision of a single director. It takes place two years after the events of Civil War, where Scott Lang has been under house arrest for violating the Sokovia Accords. As he nears the end of his sentence, he gets roped into helping Hank Pym try to rescue his wife from the quantum realm. The premise is relatively serious, but the execution is sweet and funny and charming and the fight scenes are even more insanely creative than the first one. We both had a blast watching it.

In other news, I just noticed that The Librarians season four is on Hulu now! I may need to take a break from my movie watching so I can binge that series. ♥