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Oh my god, SO MUCH HAPPENED TODAY and I can't really talk about any of it without permission. Things looked very very promising for a while, and then they looked really really bad. Now nobody has any idea what is going on, but Smol Snek is having a super rough time. I was gonna stay and work all evening, but I left after ten hours so I could come keep her company. We also had Mama Bear (another coworker who is basically the team's mom) with us, so we ended up going to Black Bear Diner. This is a very good place to bring an incredibly stressed out person because the food and the atmosphere are extremely comforting, and because the waitresses are so friendly. Things were going well and we had got her fairly calm and relaxed, but then a coworker called with the really upsetting news, and it basically broke my friend. We went back to her place and hung out with her until around one in the morning when she finally felt like she might be able to sleep. It was an emotionally draining day, but it felt really good to be able to help somebody, or at least help them feel better. I'm so out of it right now that I can barely form a coherent thought. I might be too tired to sleep. Gonna try , though.


So, Captain Gaslight was being an extra giant dickbag today. One of our nonbinary employees was promoted to Lead this week. CG came over to "congratulate" them, but it was really just an excuse to loudly and publicly misgender them. Like, he did it in a way that was so overt it was impossible to believe it wasn't deliberate. Anyway, he made the mistake of doing it in front of me, this time. I went straight to HR and filed a complaint against him for hate speech against a protected class. The HR person I spoke to took a LOT of notes. I think things are definitely coming to a boil. I know the head of the company's HR department is now getting involved.

Other than that, work was pretty good today. Smol Snek started her new shift tomorrow, so we got to work together all day. We took all our breaks together, because she feels much safer when I am with her. That's a pretty good feeling, honestly. It's really interesting how close our leadership team has become since I moved back to the row. I'm sure the credit isn't entirely mine, but I feel like I helped. Anyway, it's nice to be trusted and appreciated.

I was going to do another twelve hour day, but I was too tired. Also, Smol Snek wanted company. After work, I went to her neck of the woods and we tried a Mexican restaurant that was new to both of us. Pretty good, too. Nothing amazing. I saw a dish I had never seen, called a burrito blanco. Basically just a burrito where all the ingredients are white! After dinner, I came back to her place to hang out and help her wind down and fall asleep. Due to the stress of dealing with abusive jerks at work, she has had really bad insomnia and frequent nightmares. I think my company definitely helped tonight.

ow my back

Funny how when you move forty-nine cases full of cards into your living room in the space of about twenty minutes, it makes your back a little stiff and sore.

Today was another weird day at work. Way too much of it was meetings. Way too much of it was also waiting for broken tools to be repaired. It would almost be hilarious how many different things stopped working this morning if it hadn't slowed down all of my work so much. Even working twelve hours today, I don't feel like I accomplished all that much.

Well, we did accomplish one thing. There's some drama surrounding one of the other supervisors. His team "helps" us out on swing. We've recently had a few people transfer to our team from his, and now we all know what a gaslighting dickbag he is. We've been encouring them to go to HR about it, and it looks like something is finally happening. Maybe. At least the person who was most upset by him (she has PTSD) is getting moved onto day shift, so there is now very little risk of them interacting. Since she will be on the same shift as me, I have volunteered to keep her company on breaks so she feels safe. Still, if these jerks haven't been walked out of the office by the end of the week, some very pissed off women are going to have a long conversation wwith HR, and possibly a lawyer if that doesn't go well. Our company has been pretty progressive overall, so I am still optimistic.

smol snek is look for big badger

Very strange shift today. I had to leave work at noon to go home and wait for my pallet of Jughead cards to arrive. They still wouldn't give me a window of less than four hours. Naturally, the FedEx guy didn't arrive until almost three. I ended up watching an intensely mediocre animated movie called Leap! It's about two orphans who run away to Paris. The girl wants to be a ballet dancer, and the boy wants to be an inventor. I remember seeing the trailer in theaters and thinking it looked like the movie was really just supposed to be about the girl, and the producers made them add a boy. Interestingly, the movie actually is just about the girl. The boy is barely in it. Anyway, she shenanigans her way into a scholarship at a ballet school, and you can pretty much write the rest of the story beats blindfolded. One really weird thing about the movie is that it doesn't really seem to have the slightest idea how to animate anything other than dance. Gestures, facial expressions, everything else is either too stiff or too fluid or just weird and awkward. The dancing is beautifully rendered, though. And the ending is fairly sweet. Still wouldn't recommend it, though.

Eventually, the pallet did show up and I had to rush to get it all inside my apartment. Forty-nine separate cases of cards! It took longer to cut the shrink wrap off the pallet than it did to bring everything inside, but now my back is killing me. That was too intense a burst of activity for that short of an amount of time. This weekend will be the really fun part, as I try and sort all the cases according to what product they contain. There's a significant amount of stuff that's just going to get shipped to CheckOutMyCards.

After bringing all the cards in, I went back to work for the second half of my shift. The best part of this stupid schedule was getting a couple extra hours to interact with Smol Snek. I enjoy chatting with her so much that it's really tempting to go back to swing shift. I won't, because it makes my life very unpleasant, but I did think about it. At least we have more plans for meandering this weekend. ♥

taste the spice of an animal's butt gas?

Good News: It's fun to be back in my old row at work where all the people I like are. I get to enjoy morning people for six hours, and evening people for two hours. I sit next to Tiny Nonbinary Friend, and next to them is Work Mom (the one I always make sandwiches for). Behind me is my new minion. At 2:30, Smol Snek appears, sometimes with gifts. (Today she gave me a worry stone in trade for the one I gave to her on Friday.) Also the swing shift leads, who I appreciate greatly.

Weird News: The gigantic card order Jughead bought around Black Friday has finally been located. It looks like whoever entered the shipping address typed "321" instead of "#21" for the apartment number, and it's been sitting in limbo due to that address not existing. It's arriving Tuesday, so I left work after only eight hours so I could go home and make room for 40+ cases of cards. Then I promptly fell asleep. The smallest delivery window they could give me was between noon and four, so I asked if I could work a split shift. I'll work for four hours, go home and wait for FedEx, unload the boxes, and go back to work. I didn't get an answer before I left, so hopefully there will be one waiting for me.

Bad news: It looks like I'm going to have to move. Apparently I have been a few days late on rent one too many times, and the rental office has decided that they are unhappy enough with me that they are giving me sixty days notice to leave voluntarily, but not quite mad enough to officially evict me. I am trying to fight it, but only half-heartedly because honestly this is a garbage apartment and the only good thing about it is the size. I received the notice on the same day as I received the notice warning me that I had 72 hours to pay my late fees or they would start the eviction process, so that's weird. Still waiting to hear back. At least the timing is good, because I will have my tax refund before I need to pay a security deposit. There is no way I'm getting anything back from this place.


some movies

I was too sore to do much of anything today besides watching Netflix and occasionally falling asleep for long, unintended naps.

Batman Bad Blood - This is a Batman cartoon I'd never heard of until I noticed it on Netflix. It's kind of crap. In it, Batman goes missing after an explosion, and various members of the Batclan try to find him. It's got some strange tonal issues in that the main villain's scheme is cartoonishly evil and unrealistic, but the overall storytelling tries to be more adult than most of the Batman-related cartoon content I've seen. Like, people actually die in this cartoon, sometimes as a direct result of the actions of one of the heroes. The animation is fine, and it is kind of cool to see something with the current version of Batwoman in it, but overall this is nothing special. I can barely remember it already.

Room - This movie is one I have been meaning to watch for ages. It's been in my queue long enough to appear and disappear from Netflix more than once. It's about a young boy named Jack who lives in a shed with his mother. She was kidnapped as a teenager, and has been imprisoned in the shed for the past seven years. Despite the circumstances of his birth, she loves her son dearly and does her best to protect him from the horrific reality of their situation. When he turns five, she decides he is mature enough to begin to understand the truth, and she uses him to plan an escape. In any other movie, that escape would be the finale, but in this it's just the end of the first act. The real meat of the story is about the lingering effects of the trauma they survived. The mother must deal with severe PTSD, and the child must integrate everything he thought he knew about the world with his new understanding of reality. It's absolutely riveting, and one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I'm very sad I missed this one in theaters. Gut-wrenching and horrific, but somehow sweet and ultimately optimistic.

2036 Origin Unknown - Ahh, we are back in the land of extremely interesting no-budget science fiction. On the surface, this appears to be a simple investigation story that happens to have a science fiction setting. The first manned mission to Mars went horribly wrong. The person in charge of the investigation has partnered with a powerful artificial intelligence to try and figure out what happened. What happened is so much weirder than I could have possibly imagined. I'm still not entirely sure I understand what happened. This is definitely a movie you need to watch more than once to comprehend, but I really enjoyed it. I had absolutely no idea where it was going at any given point. I really appreciate science fiction that demands true effort on your part. So little storytelling does. Would recommend for anybody who likes brain-melting sci fi.

the adventures of Smol Snek and Big Badger

There was a lot of day in today! To start with, I woke up at six so I could go into work at seven. I was there for nine hours, although I took an hour lunch this time. We went to the same food cart pod that my movie buddy and I went to on Friday. A lot more things were open today than were open yesterday. (I tried a place called Kickin' Chicken Wings which has some extremely tasty chicken strips.) Anyway, really I only worked eight hours, and one of those hours was moving desks. I am now officially back in my original row with all my favorite people on my team. I'm unreasonably excited about it.

After work, I met up with Smol Snek down by the river and we meandered through Portland together for something like six hours. I love walking around with somebody, especially in areas they have never seen. It's pretty much my favorite way to get to know somebody. Everything I learned made me like Smol Snek more. We walked over the river, explored random shops, and finally ended up at Victory Bar. At my suggestion, we both got the venison burger and split an order of spätzle. Her reaction to both was so spectacular and satisfying that I think instinctively finding things she will like is my superpower. We walked most of the way up Division, and then walked back down Hawthorne. While crossing the bridge on foot to get back downtown, we encountered a rare sight! They actually raised the bridge to let a cruise ship go under! Ony the second time I've ever seen that in person.

The ride back home was fairly uneventful. We both live not too far from each other, so when we got off the MAX, I was able to walk her home. We hung out at her place until around midnight, watching silly internet videos together and playing with her cats. All in all, it was the most pleasant day I have had in a really long time.

in which Drave returns from exile

GOOD LORD that sandwich was delicious, and I am not the only one who thinks so. My coworker that I made the other sandwich for later texted me to tell me it was the most delicious sandwich she has ever eaten in her life. I wish I had bought enough meat and cheese to make more than two fancy sandwiches. Well, at least now I have a new recipe to spoil myself with if I'm ever really in need of a pick-me-up. I do still have two of the fancy rolls and the fancy condiments, so I could make some halfway fancy sandwiches.

In other news, I am finally moving back into my old row where the rest of leadership is! My exile is over! I guess it was just a matter of timing. A bunch of people in that row expressed a desire to have easier access to me at the same time as one of the dudes in that row got fired. I get to move all my stuff back over the weekend! This brings me joy because now I am going to be much neared to my four favorite people on the team, including my new Slytherin friend.

Still no sign of this giant pallet of cards that was supposed to arrive today. I was so worried about missing it that I only worked eight hours today. I'm not too upset about the hours, though. I'm already at fifty-five hours for the week so far, and I'm doing at least nine hours tomorow, too.


Okay, I might not actually work this weekend after all. There is a rather large shipment of cards that Jughead ordered around Black Friday. We were expecting them to arrive here some time in December, but they never did. Well, we were finally able to reach somebody from Topps and figure out what happened, and now the cards are arriving tomorrow. On a pallet. When I say rather large shipment, I mean forty freaking cases of cards. I'm not even sure I'll be able to fit them in my apartment without blocking off some parts of it. Good motivation to finally clean, I guess.

For the past several weeks, I have been making a spare sandwich for one of my coworkers, just to show my appreciation for all the times they have bestowed caffeine upon me. I found out yesterday that they are starting a diet on Monday, which means tomorrow is the last day I'm going to be able to provide them a sandwich for quite a while. It's also payday, and I have a little bit more money left than I was expecting, so I decided to go all in and make an upgraded version of the sandwich. The basic sandwich is just two kinds of meat, two kinds of cheese, two condiments, and greens. Mostly, it's stuff from Cash & Carry. Tonight I went to New Seasons and bought a small quantity of upgraded versions of everything. My pioneer rolls became fresh baked sourdough. The salami became wine-cured soppressata. The honey baked ham became something I forget the name of that is closer to prosciutto. My Havarti and Swiss became... higher quality Havarti and Swiss. I also got an herbs de provence mustard and garlic herb lemonaise with basil and tarragon. I did a test run tonight and this sandwich might be the most delicious thing I have ever made that wasn't ice cream.

I am excited to see my coworker's reaction. I may go in early just to fully appreciate it. It's nice to finally feel like I am starting to get my finances back under control.

this week, man

Last week our weekly leadership meeting was cut short because I forget why, but it was only half an hour instead of the usual hour. That might be why today's meeting (scheduled for an hour) ended up taking two and a half hours. I guess I picked a good week to bring a ton of sweets from Uwajimaya. I do wish I had bought some savory snacks as well, though. As long as the meeting was, there was one piece of really good news. Our favorite tiny nonbinary coworker has officially been promoted to Lead. I mean, they've been doing lead tasks and coming to the leadership meetings for like six months now, but we're still excited the promotion is official. ♥

It looks like I have some outside work plans with my new Slytherin buddy. She's fairly new to Portland, so she has been exploiting my exploratory nature to acquire various recommendations for stuff to do. She was particularly excited about my list of favorite burgers in Portland, so it looks like we are gonna go to Victory Bar and get the venison burger. Assuming they are still open and they still have it. I should probably check before the weekend. Businesses appear and disappear so quickly in Portland.

I've had pretty massive insomnia for the past week or so, and I'm not sure why. Work isn't any more stressful than usual, and I'm definitely not working as many hours as I did the last pay period. I did work Sunday, which I don't really like doing, but I don't think that's it. I've wanted to get to sleep early every day this week so I could get up and get donuts before work, but so far I haven't managed it. Tonight isn't looking good either.